The Zelda games have always offered up the best kind of locales to visit on your Nintendo console of choice - whether it be a weekend away in Ocarina Of Time's Deku Tree or some dune-surfing in Breath Of The Wild's Gerudo Wasteland - but, being fictional places, there's a frustrating lack of holiday literature on in the world of Zelda tourism.

Until now, that is.

You can now enjoy, a fan-made website apparently sponsored by the Clock Town Of Tourism, which covers - in an impressive amount of detail - every possible facet of the time-inspired hamlet from Majora's Mask. You can read a message from the mayor himself ("Our friendly community will welcome you with open arms."), check out Things To Do (visit the Astral Observatory or the Mighty Training Center) and plenty more besides. It's just a cute little website curated by someone who really loves Link's other big N64 outing.

Question is, what do you guys think? Is Majora's Mask deserving of such tourism focus, or should another entry in the Zelda series be getting some love? Let us know...