Just when you thought that games couldn't get any weirder - or any more awesome - here comes Pato Box. This brawler is developed by Bromio and has been on Steam Greenlight for a while, but now it's headed to the Switch eShop, too.

Pato Box is an adventure and fighting game inspired by the Punch-Out!! series, taking place in the building of a corrupted corporation. Judging from the video above there is also a bit of a MadWorld vibe going on too, which we just love.

In the game you play as none other than Patobox himself, a boxing champion with a special distinction of having a duck’s head in a man’s body. He has been betrayed by members of Deathflock, the same company that has been sponsoring him during his career. Patobox will find retribution by finding Deathflock’s henchmen while discovering the dark secrets the company hides and the truth behind his treason one fight at a time.

Well it all sounds rather intriguing to us. Let us know if this will be on your instabuy list when it pops up on the Switch eShop to buy later this year.

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