It feels like we have been eagerly awaiting the announcement for a January Nintendo Direct for several decades now; the first rumours and whisperings surrounding the topic only started to appear in November but the level of hype around the event has been even higher than usual. Whilst we are still waiting for a finalised time and date, a message posted from an official Nintendo of Russia social media account seems to confirm the news we've all been waiting for.

The message came as a reply to a fan on VK - a social media website in Russia. The user in question posted a comment asking for news on the rumoured January Direct and, rather surprisingly, the Nintendo page replied with a message roughly translating to "Kirril, good afternoon! Follow the news - soon expected!"

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 13.38.55.png

This certainly appears to cement the fact that a Nintendo Direct is indeed coming very shortly; an official statement on the time and date of the presentation will hopefully be announced in the coming days. Until then, though, perhaps we can all take a breath, relax, and be happy at the fact that more Nintendo goodness is on its way.

Will you be making sure to watch the Nintendo Direct when it (almost) inevitably appears in the coming days?