A year ago, the reveal of Nintendo Switch helped swell Nintendo's market value by a staggering $1 billion, and now, mere months before the release of Nintendo Labo, the Japanese firm's worth has shot up by another 2.4%. That might not sound like a big percentage, until you realise that translates into a tasty $1.4 billion, closing out its market performance on a seven-week high.

As we know, Labo's reveal has seen Twitter and the internet frothing with takes of various temperatures, but that clearly hasn't stopped the economic impact from playing firmly into Nintendo's favour. In a report by the Financial Times, financial analyst David Gibson (of investment firm Macquarie) reacts positively to Ninty's divisive cardboard creations, saying: "This is exactly the kind of crazy idea that Nintendo are known for which we believe will help expand the company’s audience." He made the prediction that Nintendo Labo would initially sell somewhere between 1m and 2m units - which is around $45m-$90m in operating profits.

Do you think Nintendo Labo will do that well when it arrives on 20th April? We're certainly excited for its arrival in April, but how do you feel about this impressive influence on Nintendo's value?