The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's latest and final DLC the Champions' Ballad (here's how to beat it) didn't only contain a new dungeon, side quests, and the Master Cycle Zero. It also contains a bunch of exciting new armour and gear.

We want to help you get all of it. So without further ado, here's a list of each new piece of armour and gear in the Champions' Ballad and what you have to do to unlock it.

The Island Lobster Shirt (From Wind Waker)

To unlock the Island Lobster Shirt from Wind Waker, head to the west most point of Cora Lake and use Magnesis to pull a chest out of the water. Open it to get the Island Lobster Shirt.


Ravio's Hood (From A Link Between Worlds)

To get Ravio's Hood from A Link Between Worlds, travel to the Spring of Courage and climb on top of the platform on the stone dragon's right claw. Use Magnesis and look below and you'll see the treasure chest containing Ravio's Hood.


Zant's Helmet (From Twilight Princess)

To grab Zant's Helmet from Twilight Princess, travel to the very north of Tobio's Hollow and use Magnesis to find a chest hidden in the pool of water. Pull it out to get Zant's Helmet.


Phantom Ganon's Set (From Ocarina Of Time)

First you have to get the quest EX Treasure: Dark Armour by visiting Deya Village Ruins and interacting with a journal in the ruins of the right most house. This starts the quest.

To get Phantom Ganon's Armour from Ocarina of Time, head to Sarjon Bridge and use Magnesis underneath it to pull a chest out of the water. This contains Phantom Ganon's Armour.

For Phantom Ganon's Skull, go to Corta Lake and jump off the waterfall to the south. Use Magnesis at the bottom to pull a chest out of the water containing Phantom Ganon's Skull.

Finally, to get Phantom Ganon's Greaves, go to the west most point of Ebara Forest and look for three giant statues. Use Magnesis behind the statue with a broken head and pull up the chest containing Phantom Ganon's Greaves.


Royal Guard Set

The Royal Guard Set is an armour set worn by Hyrule's Royal Guard. Here's how to get each of the pieces:

To get the Royal Guard Uniform, fast travel to Hyrule Castle and enter the Dining Hall on the east side. Exit this room into a hallway and run the length of it until you see a crumbling wall on your left. Blow this up to find the chest containing the Royal Guard Uniform.

For the Royal Guard Cap, head to the second floor of the sanctum near where you fight Calamity Ganon. To the right of the stairs near the main hall, you'll see a chest beneath a statue that contains the Royal Guard Cap.

Finally, to get the Royal Guard Boots, go to the Guard's Barracks in Hyrule Castle and defeat the two Lizalfos guarding a chest. Inside are the Royal Guard Boots.


Ancient Bridle And Saddle

The Ancient Bridle is in a chest beneath a giant tree at the top of Satori Mountain. You'll know you're there if the ground is covered in pink petals. Pull the chest out of the earth using Magnesis to get the Ancient Bridle.

As for the Saddle, travel to Malanya Spring and use Magnesis to pull up a chest hidden directly behind Malanya's flower bud. This chest contains the Ancient Saddle.