Kaiju and/or wrestling fans rejoice because Hamster is kicking off 2018 with quite the monster bash. SNK's 1992 The King Of The Monsters will bring pixelated city wide destruction this on 4th January to the Switch eShop. Take control of a giant reptile not named Godzilla, a gigantic ape not called King Kong or even Ultraman wannabe Atomic Guy and use major Japan cities as improvised wrestling rings and you have the perfect setup for some mindless destruction. Bring a friend because the game supports tag team play, something rather handy when you're being pinned by a Kaiju from the other team.

Sadly, we'll need to wait until the superior sequel (King Of The Monsters 2: The Next Thing) to show up so we get to play fan favourite and memorably named Cyber Woo. Considering the current state of the only other wrestling option currently available on Nintendo Switch, you could indeed do worse.

Will you be stomping Tokyo buildings and throwing air planes, trains and tanks at each other this coming Thursday? Shake that comments section with your favourite Kaiju memories.