We are still catching up with all the fan retro projects released during the Holidays. 

Often cited as the very best platform game on the original Game Boy (sorry Kirby Dreamland fans), Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins not only seemed to defy what was possible with the humble portable, but was also responsible for introducing Mario's nemesis and (despite some questionable personal hygiene) fan favourite Wario. Sadly the game was never re-released to take full advantage of the upgraded Game Boy Color palette... until now.

Released on Christmas Day, toruzz's impressive colouring hack lives up to the DX moniker added to the tile, by repainting the entire four shades of green that you remember from your youth. That is one impressive feat alone, but he went one further and added Luigi as a playable character. The green, mean, lean plumbing machine also comes with his trademark long jump, effectively giving you a new way to experience the game's many levels.

The game was also tested and it is fully working on real hardware if you fancy giving that a try. Will this fan project give you the perfect excuse to replay Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins? What other four colour Game Boy games would you like to see given this treatment? Paint that comment section below!