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Losing something precious is never a pleasant thing, but losing it at Christmas is especially heartbreaking, and that's what happened to Antioch High School student Shawn Hawkins.

His beloved 3DS XL was stolen, and he wrote messages on the school's notice board begging for it to be returned. Trouble by his obvious distress, one of his fellow schoolmates decided to raise the cash to replace the lost console:

We go to Antioch High School. I saw this message that Shawn Hawkins wrote on our white board, through a series of Snapchats my friends were posting. The announcement that Shawn wrote on the board, was basically him begging for his 3DS XL back; and that he would not tell anyone if it was returned, that it means a lot—it was a gift from his grandma. So, I posted on Snapchat an announcement that I was gonna collect cash donations at school, and to come find me if you want to make a donation to Shawn Hawkins for a new 3DS. I then asked my favourite teacher, Ms. Grimm, if she’d like to make a donation... She told me that she’ll go out that very night and buy it; raise whatever money I can raise by the next morning, and she’ll pay whatever difference there is! The next morning, my friend, Piper, wrapped the gift. When we went to go give Shawn the gift, Ms. Grimm asked us to record it, so Piper did so on her phone.

You can watch the moment Shawn receives the replacement 3DS below - his face when he realises the kindness of his friends is utterly, utterly priceless. Instead of reaching for the 3DS itself, he first hands out a massive hug.

If that video doesn't fill you with festive cheer and goodwill to all men, then we don't know what will.