We've all got plenty of fond memories of Nintendo 64 - which is why we're excited for the inevitable N64 Mini and its third-party friends - but that doesn't mean we look back on every game with a smile. In fact, just thinking about some those box art covers makes us a little queasy.

Over on N64 Today, erstwhile Nintendo Life contributor Martin Watts has put together a new feature on some of the worst box art covers to ever grace Nintendo's 64-bit beast. And no, time hasn't been kind to them, either. We get to look back on the sexed up NSTC cover for the forgettable shooter Forsaken (we just got the letter 'F' burned on the surface on a planet, which in retrospect, probably has more to do with the actual game than a wet model with a tattoo on her face).

news 4.jpg

Anyone remember the middling Holy Magic Century (as it was known here in the UK and Europe)? Well, the game might have been a little shallow for an RPG, but at least it had decent box art. Not only did our US chums get a name change (Quest 64? Really?) they got some really terrible artwork as well, too. Yikes.

What do you guys make of these old covers? Tell us about some your favourite terrible covers on Nintendo consoles in the comments below.