Washes brighter!

When British mother-of-two Charlotte Moore ordered a Switch console during Amazon's Cyber Monday event she probably felt pretty pleased with herself - Nintendo's hybrid machine is going to be a hot ticket this Christmas, and she'd managed to secure one for a reasonable price for her kids to unwrap on the big day.

However, when the package arrived from Amazon Moore was distraught to discover it contained a box of Daz washing detergent and not Nintendo's latest million-selling system:

I ordered the Nintendo Switch as a Christmas surprise for my son and daughter.

I'd prepared for its arrival and made sure that the kids were already in bed when it came. I quickly opened the door and took the parcel in, and it felt heavy so I didn't think anything of it.

I was originally going to leave it in the box, because I thought the kids would be less likely to peep if they knew they couldn't get in.

But something told me I should have a look and inside it was a big box of Daz. I was completely shocked and horrified.

Moore contacted Amazon and was asked if the package had been tampered with - closer inspection revealed that this was indeed the case, and that the console had been stolen and replaced with the washing powder.

Amazon were quite helpful. They asked me about the washing detergent I'd received.

They also asked me if the packaging had been tampered with and initially I said no, but after I had another look and turned the box upside down I could see that the black amazon tape had been sliced open and resealed with clear sellotape.

Amazon said they were going to investigate, but have been in contact with me to say the items are now out of stock so we can't get a replacement.

We'll hopefully get the money back, but we bought it on Cyber Monday so we won't get as good of a deal.

I'm really disappointed because it's the only thing he's after – every time we pass one in a shop he rushes to try it out.

Moore added that people ordering big-ticket items this festive season should be extremely vigilant and inspect packages as soon as they arrive.

Thanks to TheTetrisGuy for the tip!

[source mirror.co.uk]