On a day where the announcements and Nintendo news keeps coming, developer Red Barrels has only gone and dropped a terrifying bombshell with the reveal that Outlast and Outlast II are coming to Nintendo Switch in Q1 2018.

The news came from Red Barrels official Facebook page, with the first Outlast shown running in handheld mode in a revealing photo. Yes, the actual Outlast franchise is going portable for the very first time, so you'll able to tentatively explore Mount Massive Asylum and the Supai region of Arizona in docked mode or away from you TV. Jump scares on the toilet, anyone?

Red Barrels has also confirmed Outlast III is on the cards, but it'll first be focusing its attention on a brand new project, which it describes as a, "distinct experience set in the Outlast universe." The post adds: "We can’t say more right now, we first need to make sure we can make it work."

With Resident Evil already making a bloody splash on Switch with the Revelations Collection, could this be the start of a horror takeover? Sound off in the comments below... if you dare.