Ubisoft Milan creative director Davide Soliani has already earned a place in Nintendo Life's heart - mainly due to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle being so good and because he's not afraid to cry in front of the entire world - but he's now booked himself a VIP seat in our affections following a recent Game Boy Advance-related revelation.

Turns out back in 2003, when Soliani was still working at Ubisoft Milan, the Italian developer approached Ubisoft internally with a pitch for a The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker port for GBA. Yes, actual Wind Waker on that plucky old handheld. He even had Fabio Pagetti, an artist who was working with Soliani at the time, mock up the pixel art you see below to help sell the idea to the big cheeses at Ubi.

Sadly, the demo never got the green light - which is crying shame because a Wind Waker port could have been something truly special - but at least his efforts weren't entirely in vain as years later he got the top job at Ubisoft Milan and went on to develop a much-loved Mario spin-off.

What do you guys make of Soliani's tweet? Some of Link's most memorable adventures were handheld, so this could have been a-maze-ing.