Way back in September, some rather nosy hackers discovered a treasure hidden in Switch's base code - an emulation of Golf, an old NES sports sim - leading many to assume it was a quiet tribute to the late, great Ninty president Satoru Iwata. Considering Iwata himself helped code the game back in the '80s, and that it could only be accessed on 11 July (the day he sadly passed away), it always seemed odd that Nintendo never officially confirmed what was plainly obvious to everyone else.

Well, looks like the big N has just as quietly removed the game - codenamed FLOG - from Switch's hardware. A group of hackers ran a recent check and it looks like the emulation was wiped following the latest firmware update (4.0.0).

So sad faces all round. It also puts a slight damper on hopes that the presence of FLOG could signal plans for a rollout of NES titles on Switch, much like Virtual Console's presence elsewhere.

Did you manage to play FLOG before it was nixed? Do you think Ninty will ever bring NES titles to Switch, and if so which ones would you love to see? Drop your thoughts below...