The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Lots of noise has been made by fans over the years about the “official” Zelda timeline. It seems that each game release is accompanied by a lengthy and meandering discussion over where it sits in the bigger picture, and some of the games are rather hard to pin down. The matter isn’t helped by the fact that the timeline has three individual branches, which adds even more confusion and chaos to it all. The most recent release, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, sometimes seems like it was almost made to screw up the timeline; several references to other games are made, but the details don’t really line up.

In an interview about this with Gamesradar, Hideomaro Fujibayashi shared his opinion on the timeline, saying this:

I wouldn’t say that we’re not concerned with the timeline. It’s obviously something that we know is very important to people, and they do a lot of research on. But I think at this point, we’re not really at the stage where we want to talk about where Breath of the Wild is in the timeline. I think, as with the pixelated food, it’s something that at this point we want to leave up to people’s imaginations.

Following up with similar thoughts was Eiji Aonuma, who had this to say:

We published a book with the timeline, but we definitely got comments from users saying, ‘Is this really accurate? I think this should be this way. It’s different.’ And history is always kind of imaginative. It’s left to the person who writes the book. So that’s how we approach it as well. It’s not necessarily that we come up with a game and think, ‘Oh, this is where it fits in the timeline.’ Honestly, lately, we’re kind of scared to say exactly where things are in the timeline for that reason. But we like to leave things to the imagination most of the time.

What do you think? Do you care about the Zelda timeline? Where do you think Breath of the Wild fits in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.