It is quite amazing to see the number of Super Famicom exclusives that not only would have probably done well in the West if released during the console's peak years, but also still mix it up with current generation offerings. For your consideration, Sutte Hakkun (gesundheit) by Nintendo and the very talented folks of Retro Game Challenge and NES Remix fame: a platforming puzzle game starring the titular Hakkun who has to collect rainbow shards on every level using his unique ink and block absorbing powers. It sounds simple and it gently eases you into the lovely gameplay mechanics with the first few levels; before you know it the game becomes the ultimate hardcore puzzle solving experience.

The first iterations of the game were released from 1997 onwards exclusively on the BS-X Sattelaview broadcast service, with each one offering up new puzzle content. At a later date it became a Nintendo Power cartridge download and finally it got its own standalone cartridge release in 1999, much like Wrecking Crew '98.

As you might have concluded, it is this cartridge release that is sought out by dedicated Super Famicom collectors; as such a complete in-the-box copy can set you back quite a lot of coin, with loose cartridges fetching more reasonable prices. But now thanks to 'Raccoon Sam' there is new incentive to grab this criminally underrated puzzle game: a complete English translation patch has been released, making the game even more import friendly.The most important bit of translation is the extensive tutorials included in the cartridge version that will allow the player to pick up some rather necessary advanced techniques for Hakkun. You can sample English gameplay in the following video.

The patch will work with your original Super Famicom cartridge on your RetroN 5 or Retro Freak clone consoles. Despite getting a Japanese re-release on the Wii Virtual Console, Sutte Hakkun still remains in relative obscurity, so perhaps this new fan effort will bring a much deserved spotlight to this unique and unlikely hero.