We all have numerous gaps in our knowledge, and occasionally that can affect our work. For example, what if you work for an accessory company and are told to give its new adjustable tablet stand some promotional images for gaming? You're told to mention the Nintendo Switch and 'PlayStation', but don't play games or follow the market in any way - what do you do?

This, probably...

MK8 Vita.jpg

This image from a real Amazon listing has gone viral on Reddit, and no wonder. We have Mario Kart 8 (the Wii U original, it seems) running on a Vita that's called a PSP in the advert, and the player is somehow having a jolly time despite using a GameCube controller and not actually looking at the screen. Plenty of fun is being had by those identifying just how many errors one promotional image can have.

In any case, most that have bought the actual product seem to be happy with the way it handles their iPad; don't bother getting it for your next Mario Kart 8 session on a Vita, though, it'll only end in disappointment.

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