What are you hoping Santa will bring you for Christmas this year? If you are lucky perhaps you will get the cheerily-titled The End Is Nigh, which Nicalis is bringing to Switch as a physical release on 12th December. 

For those not in the know, The End Is Nigh is the latest game from award-winning designer Edmund McMillen, creator of indie-game sensations like The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy.

In the game you play as Ash, a little anthropomorphic globule who sets out to find himself a friend in the aftermath of a global catastrophic event. Ash must avoid mutated monsters, lethal hazards and deadly pitfalls as he navigates the wasteland, picking up collectable tumors (yum!) and playable mini-game cartridges along the way.

Nicalis president Tyrone Rodriguez shares his thoughts on maintaining a positive attitude in face of the coming apocalypse:

The key themes are survival and the basic human need for friendship. But The End Is Nigh is also a parable about persistence, facing adversity and maintaining a positive attitude in unbelievably stressful situations. You get a rush of pride and delirious satisfaction every time you clear a screen.

Thankfully for the faint-hearted, there is no life counter in The End Is Nigh; you’re free to try and fail as many times as it takes to conquer each challenge. Ash’s plight is accented by the game’s dramatic soundtrack, a collection of classical music themes arranged by the fan-favorite game music composition team known as Ridiculon.

As with all Nicalis boxed games there will be a few fun bonus items included. The initial print run of retail copies will include the Game Card along with a full-colour instruction booklet and a squishy Ash toy made of sticky silicone. Double yum!

Do you plan to pick this up to enjoy on Christmas day with a cup of eggnog?