ARMS is the game that keeps on giving; since its launch back in June we have seen quite a few updates introducing new stages and brawlers. Here is the latest teaser from the Japanese Twitter account:

Here's the translation from the default Bing offering:

Splendid pillars feel the weight of this history! Petapeta touch I'm also part of the history.

Uff... By the way God is faith in the region's face has been carved into this column, it seems. Man filled with the overpowering feeling to oozing! ... And the sense of intimacy! Somehow not kinda similar to what? The Hora and divinity.

Given that you all laughed at this humble scribe for daring to use Bing last time, we can compare with Google Translate too:

A wonderful pillar that feels the weight of this history! Petapeta touched and a member of history also became a member of history ... Uhufu ... By the way, the face engraved on this pillar seems to be a god who is believed in this district. Overflowing godness, intimidating sense of pressure! ... And affinity! Does not it resemble myself for a moment? Hora, Shintoism and so on ...

So this is all basically gibberish, but it does look like we are going to have quite an interesting new stage to battle in. Eagle-eyed readers might also spot something hiding behind one of the pillars - could this be the faintest glimpse of a new fighter?

As always, speculate with a comment below.