Super Putty Squad Switch

While Super Putty wasn't the most memorable game on the Super Nintendo, it was nonetheless a fun platformer which got remade for the Wii U and 3DS under the guise of Putty Squad

System 3 still appears to have unfinished business with the amorphous blue blob as a Amazon UK listing has revealed that Super Putty Squad is on its way to Switch retail on December 1st.

We're guessing that the "Super" game will be based on regular Putty Squad which is available on most modern console platforms now. Here's some blurb from Amazon's page which gives an idea of what to expect:

One of Retro gaming's best loved heroes hits the Nintendo Switch in Super Putty Squad! This critically acclaimed platform adventure is back with stunning new rendered graphics, retuned and refined gameplay elements combined with an all new tutorial mode for supreme playability. Bounce, squidgy and stretch your way to victory as you help Putty save his kidnapped friends from certain death. Use Putty's extraordinary abilities to Stretch, Absorb, Fly, Inflate, Float, Mimic and Explode your way to pure platforming nirvana.

- Putty is Back! A timeless classic makes the Switch!
- Over 100 levels of stretchy mayhem to overcome!
- Collect and unlock extra trophies and explore cunningly hidden levels.
- Unique Sticker Book feature allows the player to track progress
- Cartridge size 8GB

Are you looking forward to trying this out in December? Let us know if you are ready to get your putty on with a comment below.

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