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Star Fox 2 may be arriving decades after the glory days of the SNES, but (depending on your perspective) it's on course to become the console's 19th million-selling game.

Sure, it's not a "proper" release as it comes pre-loaded on the SNES Classic Mini alongside 20 other titles (some of which, it should be noted, will also pass the one million sold marker due to their inclusion), but it's not too much of a stretch to make the claim - assuming of course than the new micro-console clears a million units sold, something which we'd say is pretty much assured.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmed is the man who made the observation:

Selling a million was a much bigger deal back in the '90s than it is now, as you can see from that list of games. Still, it's quite an interesting little fact (or non-fact, depending on your personal view) and it's even more remarkable when you consider that Star Fox 2 very nearly didn't get a proper release at all.