Sword at the ready

Square Enix is currently hard at work remaking one of its most beloved JRPGs, Secret of Mana. This SNES classic is right up there with Zelda and Final Fantasy in terms of player adoration, but amazingly the remake isn't coming to Switch.

Speaking to Red Bull, producer Masaru Oyamada explains why Nintendo's console is missing out:

Development for the title began before the Switch was announced, so it was definitely beyond our expectations to see the level of anticipation for the release on the platform grow this much. 

However, he didn't shut the door completely:

In terms of our current circumstance, we are unable to immediately state that this will become available on the Switch, but we hope to continue listening to the various requests from our fans.

Interestingly, Oyamada also seemed to hint that Seiken Densetsu 3 – AKA: Secret of Mana 2 – could potentially get a western release at some point:

We do not have any information that can be shared at this moment in time. I, too, would definitely like to do something about this task, so I would be grateful for everyone’s continued support for the Mana series.

Switch fans will have to make do with Seiken Densetsu Collection for the time being, although sadly that still hasn't been confirmed for western release.

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