Sonic Forces

After the overwhelmingly positive release of Sonic Mania, the impending release of Sonic Forces is still a big question mark. Pre-release demo impressions haven’t all been glowing and there’s still lots of uncertainty over whether SEGA has finally cracked the 3D Sonic formula that it’s been chasing for years. Even so, the game seems to be shaping up pretty well, and with just a month to go until release, hype is starting to seriously build.

In the latest issue of Game Informer, producer Shun Nakamura explained various elements of the game, from the change up with the rings system to the overall darker tone. One interesting tidbit was how adamant he was on the value that the game will offer to the player, here’s what he said:

The gameplay content is going to be very similar to Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations, if you want to think about experiencing it from start to finish. What’s going to be additional is all the extra little things the team has hidden inside the game that will require you to go back and play with different and more powerful Wispons. There’s content in there to make sure that everyone can play through the game and have a fun time, but there’s also all these little things to do later that, if you really wanted to dig into the game, will be there for you. 

One thing I do want to make sure everyone understands is that we’re selling Sonic Forces at $39.99 in America, and we don’t want people to think that maybe this is a short game or this is a lesser experience than what we’ve done in the past. When we were thinking about pricing and what our audience was, we really wanted to make sure we could get as many people to play this game as possible by putting it at that price point. Even with Mania, we had a really solid, great game that everyone loves and we put it at $19.99 because we wanted everyone to play it and enjoy the content. So with Forces, nobody should be worried that they’re getting less content, or there’s not even [extra] stuff in there, or that we cut some corners. That’s really not the case. We’re aggressively pricing it to get this great content out to as many people as possible and really have people secure when they buy and play it to know that this is the same as all the other Sonic games we put out there, plus extra content for people to find and enjoy.

It sounds like there’s a lot to look forward to then, the question is just how good that content will actually be.

What do you think? Will you be picking up Sonic Forces? How do you think the game will turn out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.