Got your keys?© Bandai

Bandai is reviving its Tamagotchi virtual pet to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand.

Created by Akihiro Yokoi, the pebble-shaped toy launched in Japan in 1996 and North America a year later, and sold millions. Each was equipped with a crude LCD screen, and the objective was to hatch a virtual pet and look after it. These pets would evolve depending on how well you performed that task.

Bandai is launching a new model in North America this November for around $15 (around £11). 

Several revisions of the original toy have appeared over the years (we even got a host of video games on Nintendo systems), but this model sports a more basic design in order to appeal to those who grew up with Tamagotchi back in the '90s. It's smaller than the original, but doesn't have a backlight. Retro.

Were you one of those kids? Will you be buying one of these?