Mega Cat Studios is getting in the Halloween spirit with a trio of NES-themed offerings.

Creepin It Reel ($39.99) is a NES chiptune album with "officially licensed Dancing Pumpkin Man dance moves" and a fully playable pachinko game, while Creepy Brawlers (from $59.99) "marries monster movies and boxing" with an achievement system, counters and even enemy evolutions. Finally, we have Justice Duel (from $59.99) a four-player couch co-op game with a sizeable campaign, "mech-eagles in top hats" and loads of weapons to collect. It's even being offered in a bundle with a Multi-tap so you can rope three other friends into playing it with you.

As a bonus, you can order Creepy Brawlers in a special NES cart shell which is perfect for this time of year.

Creepy cart 3 small.jpg

If you're interested in any of these titles, you can purchase them direct from the manufacturer.