Nintendo has unleashed its most significant Switch system update so far, to version 4.0.0. It adds a few key features, the most notable of which is the ability to use the Capture button to grab video clips up to 30 seconds long.

If something neat happens in game, pressing and holding the Capture button will preserve the last 30 seconds of gameplay and put it in your Gallery; you can then edit the clip length and post it to Twitter or Facebook. The video below shows how this'll work in practice.

You can't do this in every game, however, and so far only a handful of first-party titles support the feature - listed below. More will no doubt be added soon.

Another notable addition is the ability to transfer users and save data to another Switch console - this is under 'Settings' and 'User'. Just like equivalent transfers on the likes of 3DS, however, moving a user and their data to a new Switch will wipe all that data from the original console; that means if the user bought various eShop games, those will go with them onto the new system and disappear from the old unit. That's not surprising, but at least opens the door for Switch owners to get new limited editions in the future - for example - and to easily transfer their content.

Also, pre-purchasing and pre-loading will now be available on select upcoming games via the eShop; we got used to this with some games on Wii U, for example, and means those eager to jump into a game as soon as it launches will be able to do the bulk of the download before it arrives.

Another interesting addition is the ability to match up software versions across users on the system. Go to Software Options, Software Update and then select Match Version With Local Users.

Finally, some new images and characters from Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can now be set as your user icon.

[Update: The 'News' tab has also had a little revamp. Posts now have an icon to show the channel they're from, unsubscribing from a channel will remove relevant posts from the feed, and there are three 'Featured' posts at the top followed by the 'Latest' items below.]

Some notable additions there; let us know what you think in the comments.