Eden Games - the studio behind the upcoming Switch racer Gear.Club Unlimited - has revealed that it will offer a 4-player splitscreen mode.

Pascal Clarysse, Eden Games' CMO-at-large, dropped the news in an interview with Red Bull while explaining the big differences between the Switch title and the smartphone release on which it is based:

First and foremost, there is a major economic difference: the game will be premium, which means you get the full experience after purchase – no micro-transactions. We also capitalise on the machine’s power to deliver higher definition of graphics and visual effects. Then, from a gameplay perspective, you'll be able to enjoy local multiplayer, playing in splitscreen between up to four friends – or foes! – at once, using the Joy-Con controllers.

Clarysse also stated that Eden Games is targeting 1080p, 30fps "minimum" when docked:

We're aiming for 1080p in docked mode, 720p in handheld. We guarantee minimum 30 fps across the board.

Another interesting piece of info relates to the Switch's digital triggers. Racing games on PS4 and Xbox One benefit from analogue triggers for braking and acceleration, something which isn't possible on Nintendo's hardware. However, Clarysse insists that he and his team have found a solution:

We are simulating analogue on the digital triggers by converting pressures through a software gauge that is progressive.

It was also confirmed that the game will be getting DLC of some kind post-launch. Let us know if you're excited about this upcoming racer by posting a comment below.