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Pre-orders were pretty tough to find for the Super Nintendo Classic Edition in the US over recent months, meaning plenty will be heading online and into stores as soon as 29th September rolls around. The big retailers like Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy etc will be on the agenda, but online retailer Thinkgeek - which typically specialises in left-field merchandise - will also be worth a look.

The retailer has confirmed the following to us regarding its plans for the system's launch.

  • WILL have Nintendo SNES Classic units up for sale Friday, 9.29.17
  • This is NOT a pre-sale and units will ship right way
  • Units will NOT be bundled with other products and will be sold as standalone units
  • Strict limit of one per customer will be enforced – multiple orders will be cancelled
  • United States customers only
  • Purchase Page:

That purchase page is the general 'Nintendo' area, which has everything from bed sheets to hand puppets. The retailer didn't confirm a sale time to us, but suggested shoppers keep an eye on its Twitter and Facebook accounts for specific information.

It's another option, in any case. What are your launch day plans to try and get hold of a system in the US?