Another day, another fan-made project using a Nintendo IP that may soon be quashed by Nintendo's lawyers. This fan-made version of the classic Super Mario 64 impressively allows 24 players to play at once. Not only can you play as Mario, you can even play as Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Rosalina, Wario and even Waluigi. Naturally it's caused quite a stir among online enthusiasts.

The work of Kaze Emanuar, a well-known name on the modding scene, this mod is certainly impressive. All the characters have different abilities in the game, and lots of fun can be had running around the Mushroom Kingdom with a bunch of online buddies.

In a recent interview with Red Bull, Emanuar was not worried about Nintendo trying to shut down this project: 

Nintendo hasn't contacted me. This whole 'DMCA meme' needs to stop. Even if they did, there are already thousands of alternate download links. Some people get irrationally mad at other people for sharing Nintendo fan games, because they think they're going to get DMCA'd due to the publicity. There's nothing that can stop this fan project now, though.

It's worth checking out the full interview - conducted by a familiar name around these parts - if you want to know more about how it came together.

Let us know if you have tried out this mod, and whether you think it'll get the takedown treatment from Nintendo.