Arwing Concept Art.JPG

It's been one surprise after another with Star Fox series. Who would have thought that 22 years after the game's cancellation the sequel would be bundled in with the SNES Classic Mini? Continuing this trend, Nintendo has uploaded the digital manual for Star Fox 2 detailing the story, characters and most surprisingly original design documents. It's a nice gesture to shed some light on the game's creation. 

Star Fox 2 Chicken Walker.JPG

The documents (which are split into two PDF files) show concept designs for the Arwing Ships in various different modes, including Flight and Walker. These transportation differences are then closely examined, with the documentation highlighting how all the joints would work together. It seems Nintendo went to great length to make sure the vehicle design was pristine - making the cancellation in 1995 that bit more surprising. 

The second PDF itself appears to be a a draft of what would end up on the first seven pages of the completed manual, with the title "Star Fox 2 Game Instruction Manual" scrolled across the pages. 

Star Fox Map layout.JPG

Among the other jewels are layouts of what would be expected to be the main map page, including where the hidden medals can be found in each level. It will be interesting to revert back to this information once the game is released to see how near the designs are to the finished product. 

Thankfully the game is now getting a chance to shine with the SNES classic due out on 29th September this month. What do you think of the concept designs? Let us know. 

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