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Well, it's here - the Super NES Classic Edition / SNES Mini has arrived, bringing with it 21 games including the first official release of Star Fox 2. It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect - a cute and utterly charming little gadget that does a great job emulating iconic SNES games.

Nintendo, pleasingly, has also stated on multiple occasions that it's learnt from the stock problems that blighted the NES Mini. It's claimed that launch stock allocation (in North America, at least) for the SNES Classic is greater than the entire original run of its predecessor. On top of that it's stated that manufacturing will continue into 2018, and then the NES will make a comeback next summer. It helps that both systems use practically identical hardware, a clever logistical move by the big N.

Of course, companies (including Nintendo) make promises all the time that don't quite come to bear in reality. Initial pre-ordering in the UK was a bit of a farce due to stock disappearing seemingly minutes after unannounced listings appeared, and even this week a major retailer had issues with its website when buyers rushed to secure a fresh batch of pre-orders. Most that were very determined in the UK seemed to be able to nab a unit based upon our conversations with friends and colleagues, though anyone looking more casually may have been baffled by the absence of available orders outside of those brief, chaotic pre-order windows through the Summer.

In North America it's been a bit different. Online pre-orders were rare and very brief, with more of a focus on launch day purchases. Plenty jumped into queues early at stores or watched websites closely yesterday (29th September); the question is, was there stock to satisfy the most eager of buyers? The NES Mini's release was such a mess (in terms of distribution) that many were left disappointed; hopefully it's been better this time.

Well, we want to know how it's been for you trying to buy a SNES Mini. Has there been enough stock to reward patience and persistence, or have units been too elusive and small in number? Have you been able to set yourself up for a weekend of 16-bit gaming bliss?

Let us know how your quest for a SNES Mini has gone in the polls and comments below.

Were you excited about the SNES Classic Mini before launch?
The big question - were you able to get a SNES Classic Mini at launch?