Those eager for 3D platforming on the Switch will have multiple options in October. In addition to a certain plumber's debut on the system we'll have a retail version of a respected title by PolyKid - Poi: Explorer Edition; it's all set for release on 23rd October in North America with a recommended US price of $29.99, published by Alliance Digital Media; we're currently clarifying plans for Europe.

In addition to those release details there's a bit more information on the exclusive content that'll come to this Switch iteration; the publisher has given us an early look at the trailer and key details.

Inspired by the cheerful classics of 3D platforming, Poi is an engaging adventure that follows two aspiring Master Explorers as they search the far reaches of the world for an old explorer’s lost medallions and unravel the mysteries of the Milky Way Globe. Journey to uncharted lands aboard your sky-ship, discover colorful worlds filled with curious creatures and surprises, and use your range of jumping abilities to collect over 100 challenging medallions.

Available only on Nintendo Switch™, Poi: Explorer Edition builds on that core experience with exclusive features, including more challenging boss battles, new character costumes, an unlockable soundtrack and digital art book, and Joy-Con motion control support.

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