We rather liked Overcooked: Special Edition when it brought chaotic co-op cookery to the Switch back in July. It's been very popular on other platforms previously of course, but there is nothing like playing on the Switch on-the-go in tabletop mode with a friend, is there?

Unfortunately, there were a handful of performance issues which slipped through the net, and Team17 today is proud to announce the first patch which will make this edition of Overcooked very special indeed:

  • General improvements to framerate across the entire game Improvements to controller input
  • HD Rumble no longer activates for all players when Player 1 carries out an action
  • A crash triggered after lowering the vibration setting is fixed
  • An exploit for chopping in the single-player mode has been removed
  • An error in which worktop highlights was missing under certain circumstances is fixed
  • A bug causing the timer to cut off when switching between handheld and TV mode has been fixed

Team17 isn't finished yet either; a future secondary patch will introduce even more improvements to performance, so watch out for that.

Let us know if you have experienced a smoother framerate since updating the game with a comment below.