A short time ago we reported on Super Mario 64 Online, an ingenious mod which allows up to 24 players to inhabit the world of Super Mario 64.

Its creator, Kaze Emanuar, was bullish about his chances of avoiding Nintendo's legal gaze, but it would seem that the Japanese giant has finally had enough. It has forced a takedown of all the videos related to Super Mario 64 Online from YouTube and has apparently been able to shutter Emanuar's personal Patreon account.


Emanuar had previously said that "nothing can stop" the project, and despite the takedowns he insists that there's little the company can do to prevent the mod from being distributed online - in fact, it remains available for download at the time of writing.


Have you sampled this unique take on Super Mario 64? Do you think this is the end of Emanuar's legal fight with Nintendo? Post a comment to tell us what's on your mind.