On September 23rd, 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi established the Nintendo Playing Card Company in Kyoto. Over one century later and a couple of Yamauchi generations since, would he have ever believed that we are now associating the word Nintendo with a pair of plumbing brothers and their strangely compelling racing side gig,  a tie wearing ape, the epic adventures in the land of Hyrule, the space adventures of a talking fox, the hardest hitting female heroine in the whole industry, strange creatures you can keep in your pocket and even the greatest simulation of social life ever made? Probably not... but if he did, he would most likely be smiling.

Very few other companies can boast of such an incredible story as Nintendo, due to its extensive legacy and all the ups and downs, the failures and successes, the risks taken and the rewards reaped and the undeniable joy its products bring every single day to consumers worldwide. So we want to salute Nintendo and wish them another 128 years of success so we can all celebrate the 256th birthday next century. Now, time for an earworm.

Fill in the comments section below telling us about your favourite experiences with Nintendo. Also below and strangely appropriated for this anniversary: The "Super Mario 128" GameCube tech demo.

If only we'd seen the cake and all those candles...