The Switch's incredible first year has seen the system beat everyone's expectations - including Nintendo's - and stories of sell-outs in North America and Japan are commonplace.

One territory where the console is selling somewhat less swiftly is the United Kingdom, which, traditionally-speaking, has never been a Nintendo stronghold. During the 8 and 16-bit eras Sega was the dominant force in most of Europe, and by the time Sega's star began to fall, Sony had stolen the hearts and minds of UK players.

Even so, Nintendo has managed to sell more Switch consoles this year than Microsoft has of its Xbox One system.

The PlayStation 4 remains the best-selling console in the UK, which is hardly surprising when you consider it's also the global leader in terms of market share. However, if Switch keeps up this momentum we could see it close the gap with Sony's system - in Japan, it's already selling at a faster rate - and that would be no mean feat when you consider that the PS4 has been on sale for much longer.