Nintendo has announced in its latest Direct that Mario Party: The Top 100 - a game containing 100 of the greatest minigames of the franchise's near two-decade history - is coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on November 10th this year. The game will offer multiplayer for up to four friends via Download Play or local wireless, with the former allowing play using only one Game Card. 

The Direct's trailer states that the game will contain "the best minigames from all 10 home-console titles" (Mario Party 1-10), so it's assumed that minigames from the series' handheld instalments (Advance, DS, Island Tour, and Star Rush) won't be making the cut. Nevertheless, classics such as Bumper Balls and Shy Guy says can be seen from the trailer. Here's to hoping for this writer's personal favourite, Mushroom Mix-Up/Hexagon Heat.

Though a great concept, this writer can't help but feel disappointed this isn't also heading to the Nintendo Switch. If you're interested in a take on the Mario Party series as a whole and how it could be improved, have a read here.

Are you excited about this one on 3DS?