Rare's phenomenal Donkey Kong Country was quite the game changer in late 1994, not only giving an extra edge to the Super Nintendo in the 16-bit console war but also becoming one of the most cherished games in the entire SNES library. Despite the fancy ACM graphics, one of they key features that still resonates with people nowadays is the fantastic soundtrack by veteran composers David Wise, Eveline Fischer and Robin Beanland.

Last week (after quite an uphill battle) music modder Conn was able to finally crack all the quirks needed to enable the game to receive MSU1 sound data correctly while muting the SPC source; the end result is now up for grabs. It didn't take long for the community surrounding MSU1 activities to begin compiling sound packs to go along with the game, such as Kurrono Kei's "Kremlings Revenge Remodel", which you can hear in action in the following gameplay clip.

Considering the amount of people remixing the popular original OST it will be interesting to see if more sound packs will become available in the future. If you're feeling a bit nostalgic over Nintendo's tie wearing ape, do remember the game is one of the twenty one being re-released along the SNES Classic Mini, which is just shy of two weeks from hitting retail.

In case you're wondering: Yes, it is possible to replace every single track with the DK Rap, but please do consider your own sanity.

[source zeldix.net]