Caveman Warriors.png

Earlier this year we told you about a Kickstarter campaign for Caveman Warriors, which included stretch goals for Nintendo hardware. Developer JanduSoft has now managed to confirm the game for Nintendo Switch, benefitting from the company's official YouTube channel promoting the game.

It's shaping up to be a rather entertaining action platformer, with some varied ideas at play and support for co-op. There'll apparently be single Joy-Con controls available to allow up to four player to jump in at once.

This adapted control scheme to a single joycon feels as natural as it was in the NES era. Most of us, if not all, are Nintendo die hard fans and being able to release Caveman Warriors here is a dream come true.

The press release says we can expect this one 'soon', but no date has been given yet.

So, is this yet another title for the Switch eShop wishlist?