Overcooked: Special Edition is a relatively high-profile recent arrival on the Switch eShop, serving up a very popular frantic co-op experience (though you can also play solo) both on the TV or on the go. We're still cooking up a review, but in the meantime our chums at Digital Foundry have taken a look at its performance.

And, well, there's room for improvement. As demonstrated in the video below the game is failing to hit its target 30fps, meaning it can be rather choppy on occasion.

We've seen issues like this to varying degrees with other games, and in cases like Mr. Shifty follow-up patches improve matters significantly. Digital Foundry reports that the developers are aware of issues and are working to make performance better, which suggest this one may have been taken out of the oven and served up early on the eShop.

Have you picked up Overcooked yet, or will you wait and see if improvements are made?