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Another legendary monster has come to Pokémon GO, and this time it's the fire/flying-type bird Moltres.

Users started reporting the appearance of Moltres raids late last night, and players will have until August 7th to catch one. However, it's also being reported that Articuno - which was supposed to vanish from the game yesterday - is still appearing in raids, so there might be some wiggle room. Zapdos is the next legendary, and will appear after August 7th.

Moltres might prove easier to catch than Articuno; as a fire-type monster, it is weak against water-type enemies and its attacks are less effective against certain Pokémon, too. If you have a powerful Vaporeon, then you could be in luck.

Have you spotted a Moltres yet, and have you been successful in catching it? Let us know with a comment.