We've just got word that Kitfox Games will be bringing its indie adventure game Moon Hunters to the Switch eShop at some point in the not too distant future.

In the game you create your own legend in a 1-to-4 player co-operative personality test, and explore a mystical Mesopotamian-inspired world that's different every time you play.

The game launched on Steam last year, however the Switch version will include the Eternal Echoes DLC (featuring the Snowdancer player character, the One Voice village, snow biome, new enemies, and over a dozen new random encounters) as well as three exclusive new companions to find in the world: Bau, the familiar dog; Lingzhi, the familiar shroom; and Domovoi, the familiar snow monkey.

Single-player or local multiplayer is supported for up to 4 players, so if you and some friends fancy hunting a moon or two, then this is the game for you.