As much as we loved the NES Mini, there was a big problem with the console: the cables on its controllers were so short you had to sit almost directly in front of the TV to play.

Those of us who feared that the SNES Classic Edition would suffer the same fate were pleased to hear that the leads on its controllers would be longer, but we're sad to report that although there's definitely more cord on offer, it's still nowhere near long enough to play the system comfortably from your sofa.

The cable on the SNES Classic controller measures 4ft / 140cm in length, which is a foot longer than the cord on the NES Mini's pad. However, the original SNES has a lead which measures a whopping 230cm - so this new edition loses 90cm of cable. When you consider that back in the '90s we still had to game close to the TV, that's not great news.


We imagine this will result in a series of wireless options, just like those which accompanied the launch of the NES Mini. Are you annoyed to learn that the cable isn't even as long as that on the original SNES? Let us know with a comment.