Plenty of 3DS fans have been looking forward to the arrival of Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth later this year, and those in North America now have a firm date - it'll arrive on 17th October priced at $39.99USD. The European release date will be announced "at a later time".

In addition to that reveal, Atlus has also released a new trailer to showcase the Fencer class; check it out below.

It just wouldn't be smart to traverse the Yggdrasil tree without someone who is pretty handy with a blade, so why not have an Earthlain Fencer watch your back when exploring? The Fencer is master of both rapier and shield, and let's just say that during fights they really like to get straight to the point. Quick on their feet, Fencers excel at evasion, stabbing, initiating defensive buffs, stabbing, chaining together attacks with other party members, and stabbing. They can further specialize in their agility by sacrificing unnecessary equipment for speed or go all in with their swordsmanship to become a whirlwind of pain.

Is this on your 3DS wishlist?