Take up the sword

Ever since it was confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be getting DLC, fans have speculated about whether or not this new game content will give players the chance to step into the shoes of other characters, such as Princess Zelda herself or one of her four Champions.

However, Zelda series boss Eiji Aonuma has poured cold water over such expectations. Speaking at Japan Expo in Paris, he revealed that in the next BotW DLC pack - named "The Champion's Ballad" - you'll still be playing as Link.

Development footage of the DLC pack has also been published on Twitter, and it has been confirmed that one of The Wind Waker's most iconic outfits - the lobster shirt - will make a return:

The Champion's Ballad takes place after Ganon's defeat in Breath of the Wild, which potentially makes it rather more interesting than the recently-released Master Trials DLC.