Vintage consoles are beloved by collectors for many reasons; for some, it's down to pure nostalgia and the belief that games really were better back then, and for others it's the iconic designs and familiar controllers. Another reason cartridge-based retro systems are so appealing is their robust nature; they can withstand much more punishment than more recent disc-based machines.

As if you need proof of this fact, check out the video above. It comes from Japan-based retro gaming expert Luke Morse, who was sent a NES console and some games that had been found slowly "rotting" to pieces in a barn in Kentucky. Exposed to the elements and covered in dirt, grime and even insects, these items seemed totally beyond repair - but Morse loves a challenge and after many hours of work managed to get both the games and the NES working again.

It just goes to show that you should never bin your old systems, even if they appear to be faulty and beyond hope - there could be life left in them yet.