When reaching level five on Pokémon GO you are given the choice between joining three teams; Mystic, Valor and Instinct. An important decision for every trainer and one you can only make once; you should choose wisely as one day your team leader may just get up and leave. That's what's happened to members of team Instinct, whose leader Spark has been absent from the game since an update came into place on 20th July. 

Valor 2.JPG

Reports came in wondering about Spark's whereabouts when players noticed team Valor's leader Candela seemingly taking over. The internet as ever has ran with the idea that Spark has actually disappeared for good, with various images depicting the leader on the front of a milk carton and so on. This is especially humorous after months of players mocking the leader for being the most inexperienced of the three, with plenty opting for Mystic's Blanche or Valor's Candela. 

Niantic has now confirmed that there is no need for concern, and Spark will return to Pokémon Go in the next update. 

Were you worried for Spark's safety? Did you even notice he'd disappeared? Let us know. 

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