Coinciding with the worldwide release of Splatoon 2, Bandai has released a set of inkling inflatables known as "Air Mascots" through toy capsules. The collectible squids come in six variations being blue, green, olive, pink, purple and yellow. There is also the opportunity to find Judd the cat as a special bonus. 

The capsules sell for ¥200 each and will likely be a hot property due to the popularity of Splatoon in Japan. 

Take a look at the selection below:

Blue Inkling

Splatoon Blue.jpg

Green Inkling

Splatoon Green.jpg

Olive Inkling

Splatoon Olive.jpg

Pink Inkling

Splatoon pink.jpg

Purple Inkling

Splatoon Purple.jpg

Yellow Inkling

Splatoon Yellow.jpg

Judd the Cat

Splatoon Judd.jpg

Would you parade these inflatables round at a pool party?