Some of you may recall the emergence of Project Mekuru, a title developed by Over Fence Co. that is now known as Battle Sports Mekuru in Japan. Its core concept is around multiplayer matches in which players compete by flipping over tiles to their colour, with various environmental factors and items that come into play.

For its Western release it's going to be called Flip Wars, and it's out this week in Europe. Nintendo has published a trailer in the region confirming a release date of 6th July, though pricing is unclear at the time of publication (its pricing in Yen converts to under $10USD). The overview is pretty useful, as it showcases local and online multiplayer, along with different stages and game modes.

We'll wait and see whether this lands in North America this week; due to Independence Day in the US it'll likely be 5th or 6th July before the company confirms either way.

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