New Nintendo 2DS XL

With the New Nintendo 2DS XL due out in the West in a couple weeks, it seems that now is as good a time as any for Nintendo to give the 3DS family system OS a bit of an upgrade, especially given that the last update came out in April and only added more stability to the system. So, what has Nintendo sprung for with this new update to the firmware? Screenshots without opening Miiverse? Speed improvements to the occasionally sluggish menu screen? Multitasking with multiple pieces of software? As it would happen, none of those things have been added this time around, but there has been one exciting new addition which has been a long time coming.

And that feature is even more stability. If you download 3DS OS Version 11.5.0-38, prepare to experience a level of stability for the platform that simply exceeds your wildest imagination. This software is as stable as it gets, and although it may not be including any other new features, you can rest easy knowing that it has been custom made “to enhance the user experience”. What’s more is that the 2DS XL will be able to take full advantage of this new firmware, making it Nintendo’s most stable 3DS launch yet. Not bad, eh?

What do you think? Have you downloaded this extra stability yet? Will you be getting a 2DS XL? Share your thoughts in the comments below.