As Gordon Gekko famously said, "greed is right, greed works"; maybe this is true in the cut-throat world of Wall Street, but when we see lots of lovely Super NES Classic Edition pre-orders being listed on eBay, it just makes our blood boil.

While we are still waiting for North American pre-orders to open, several UK-based merchants opened their pre-orders early; predictably their allocation sold out within minutes.

Frustratingly for those who missed out, some of these pre-orders are even being offered on eBay with ludicrous bumps in price. If you managed to pre-order from Amazon UK for example it would have cost you £79.99, but one eBay seller seems to think you should pay £199.99 for their order, and an extra £10 for them to post it to you.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.06.56.png

Sadly they seem to be selling too, here's what one of the offenders said in their product description:

This is a Pre-Order for the highly anticipated Super Nintendo Classic Mini followed by the huge success of the first NES Classic Mini released last year! Guarantee yours today!

The console releases on the 29th September 2017 and will be shipped shortly after. I am shipping this to the UK only!

eBay actually has strict rules on pre-listing that are being violated by these sellers, so hopefully listings such as these will be pulled down during the course of the day. However, once these pre-orders arrive in the scalper's hands on 29th September it will naturally be open season for legitimate eBay listings.

Unless, of course, Nintendo manages to meet demand by the time the system launches.

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